Blissfield Preschool Cooperative Nursery

Partnering with Parents, Teaching Children since 1970

Welcome to Blissfield Preschool!


Preschool Class:  September-May_Mon/Wed/Fri_8:30-11:30 a.m.



Our mission is to accept and nurture each child, and to facilitate his/her growth in the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive domains.

We would like to welcome you into Blissfield's Preschool Cooperative.  From the parents who have founded and contributed to this project for over 40 years, we pass onto you a legacy--to maintain and improve this school for the benefit of your children and those to come.

Because our parents of preschoolers have the desire to give an educational experience outside their home and commit themselves to manage the business of school, we include "Cooperative" in our name.

What is the objective of preschool?  Our philosophy is that the purpose of Preschool is to help children to develop socially and emotionally by providing opportunities to work and play freely with other children of approximately the same age.  With sufficient protection, supervision and guidance, the children not only gain knowledge in the world around them but also increase their skill in relating to other persons outside the family which helps them in the development of interpersonal communications.

During class, the child's environment is structured so that anything he or she should choose to do will be learning and developing skills at his own rate and in his own interests.  This time provides fun and entertainment with play as a vital tool to mental health.  Repetition is the way children learn.  There is indoor and outdoor play, block building, doll play, puppetry, art materials, climbing equipment, and other creative activities.

First and foremost, our wishes for you are to gain as much as you possibly can from your association with the Preschool.  This is an opportunity for both parents and students to kick off their educational experiences with enjoyable learning experiences which will provide a solid foundation for excitement and enthusiasm in their future educational experiences.

If at any time you have questions or would like to get involved, feel free to contact the preschool.

Blissfield Preschool Cooperative Nursery, Inc.

P.O. Box 2

208 Wilber St.

Blissfield, Michigan 49228

(517) 486-0136

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